Keep Your Freights On Time and Always Fresh

Your One-Stop source for temperature controlled shipping. Temperature Controlled LTL/FTL Freight.

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Fresh Produce Has Never Tasted So Good

We focus on quality and take extra precautions to ensure that your fresh produce arrives at its destination as clean, brightly colored and crisp as it was harvested!

Dairy Products
Medical Supplies

Special Equipment and Expertise

Our large fleet is equipped with refrigeration, cold walls, temperature detectors and other specialized handling equipment. We also have storage at a variety of temperatures (freezing, cooling, drying) throughout our provincial network of facilities, and we know how to properly handle refrigerated and frozen goods.

Logistics chain solutions to suit your business and Insights to make it succeed!

Work with us and you get to focus on scalable growth while we handle the rest.

Experienced Carriers

We only contract with the best trucking partners available, ones that proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable. That way, we are optimized to move your goods safely and on time.

Innovative Technology

We offer an advanced platform for shippers and carriers, including a personalized customer portal where you can track shipments for all legs of the journey, 24/7

Dedicated Service in North America

The ShipCurve network allows for instant scalability to be made possible. What ever the size, how ever often you need it, we can move it fast.